Keenan Sultanik has been a professional photographer since 2005 and has commercial photography, weddings, portraits, landscapes, product, and real estate images in his professional portfolio.

I am the professor of media and photography at West Coast Baptist College. Photography has always been a passion of mine, starting when I was ten years old with a jury-rigged camera and stop-motion animation. I enjoy shooting professionally, taking portraits, weddings, product photography, and, what I enjoy most, photographing nature, God’s creation. I relish the thrill of excitement as I compose an image in my mind, select the perfect lens and filters, and capture the moment.

A moment in time is a not just an event, but a complete set of sensory information including a visual image, the smells and sensations we experience, and the feelings and emotions associated with the setting, time, or events, of that moment. It is all of these that I strive to capture in my photographs.

Recent Photography Articles

Building a Camera System

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SYSTEM Often I am approached by an amateur photographer asking what camera I would recommend. For anyone serious about photography, this is far too short-sighted of an approach. You must first consider choosing a camera system before selecting your...

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Tutorial: Capturing Lightning

Tutorial: Capturing Lightning Lightning is an often elusive subject. Many photographers seek to capture the beauty and power of lightning with their cameras, only to be disappointed by not being able to get the shot they envision. This tutorial should help you to take...

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