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Digital Camera Buying Guide

One of the questions I am asked the most is, “What camera do you recommend?” or “How should I go about picking out a camera?” First of all, there is no perfect camera… at any price point. When you let that sink in, you realize that it’s more about what negatives are...

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A Non-technical Guide to Selecting the Right Computer

Every media project requires several things: creativity, time… and a computer. Sometimes it’s this last item that can be such a pain-point in creative work. So let’s say you decide to look for a new computer so you can spend more energy focusing on creative endeavors,...

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Landscape Post-processing Basics

Editing landscape photographs can be challenging. Much of the result depends on your vision for the photograph, the mood you want to set, and your skill in post-production. In the screenshot above, the original photo is on the left with the final product on the right....

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Building a Camera System

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SYSTEM Often I am approached by an amateur photographer asking what camera I would recommend. For anyone serious about photography, this is far too short-sighted of an approach. You must first consider choosing a camera system before selecting your...

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Tutorial: Capturing Lightning

Tutorial: Capturing Lightning Lightning is an often elusive subject. Many photographers seek to capture the beauty and power of lightning with their cameras, only to be disappointed by not being able to get the shot they envision. This tutorial should help you to take...

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Exposure: Aperture

Photography is about “painting with light,” and as such, the control of the light entering the camera is the very essence of photography. This process of controlling the light that is being recorded is called “exposure,” as it is the process of exposing the camera to...

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